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Pregnant women's right to comfort Cantaloop maternity intimates

09 Jun 2017

Of course you should be allowed to feel comfortable and fashionable throughout your pregnancy and also have the opportunity to do so.
Thats why we offer Cantaloop maternity intimates, the unique, wide range of nursing and pregnancy bras, pregnancy panties, support belts and tops that meet three fundamental requirements
- Perfect Fit
-Unique Functionality
-Fashionable Design
At we offer the full range of this famous European brand of maternity intimates

Pregnancy Bra

Cantaloop Pregnancy Bra Back view Cantaloop Pregnancy Bra

   - Additional support for your breasts as they grow
   - Integrated Y strap on the back ensure optimum support
   - No irritating seams

   Your breasts develop during your pregnancy – the Cantaloop™ pregnancy bra has been designed to follow you.    

    The bra is comfortable to wear and also ensures optimum support throughout your pregnancy   



Adjustable Nursing Bras

Cantaloop Drop Cup Nursing Bra Back View Cantaloop Drop Cup Nursing Bra

      - Bra with cups that open and adjustable straps
      - Integrated inner cup
      - No irritating seams
      - Additional support during breastfeeding
      - Clever closing system 


       Practical and adjustable nursing bra; it's easy to open the cup for discrete, undisturbed breastfeeding.

       The bra has integrated inner cups and additional support. Easy and comfortable.



Pregnancy/Nursing Tank Top                                                                         

Cantaloop Nursing Tank-tops available in 5 colours Cantaloop Nursing Tank-top in 5 colours Back View Cantaloop Nursing Tank-top in 5 colours

       Adapts to the changes in the body’s shape
       - Ideal during pregnancy and later as a nursing top
       - Integrated, closed inner cups
       - Easy to open when you’re breastfeeding (drop cup)
       - Additional support during breastfeeding


The top has been designed with a little extra width below the breast (A shape)  this means that it can be used even early in your pregnancy. Easy to open when you are breastfeeding and suitable for any occasion. You can breastfeed discretely without exposing your belly.